Monday, March 16, 2009

Beau and I are getting ready for England. We play at the Jazz Cafe - my website has all the details. Thanks for your comments! Love Melanie


  1. Break a leg Melanie. Send Beau and Peter my Best wishes too. Beau is turning out to be a great producer. I can't wait to hear your new CD.

    I'm wondering what you will call the new CD. I'm also wondering about the cover art. Is "I tried to die young" going to be on it? (what a great song)

    I still think "I tried to die young" would be a great title for a CD. I'm just thinking out loud but a cover with a drawing of a young Melanie in a casket wearing rollerskates. Dead rock stars looking with sadness at the demise of a fellow rock star would make for an interesting cover. Then, on the back of the CD would be a nice picture of you rising from the ashes with the caption, "Melanie rises from the ashes with a set of new material, MELANIE LIVES AGAIN !!!"

    Something interesting, don't ya think?

    I hope you sell millions.

  2. Dearest Melanie & Beau,

    what good news about your 3 shows in London - can't wait for the time to pass by. I will be at all 3 shows!!!
    What a treat that last evening will be. "Melanie vs. the fans" - what a terrific idea. My wishlist is posted!!!
    Also the 2 other shows. Whoever had this idea of performing entire albums - BRAVO!!!
    So no song will be missed - I am absolutely thrilled.
    Hope to be able to buy your new album after the shows - that would be the icing on the cake and would make the trip to London a one-of-a-kind divine experience.
    Thanks for all the joy you're bringing to us - this worls is certainly a better place because of you!
    See you soon - safe journeys
    with much love