Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A dance with Juliette

I did a nice interview yesterday for a documentary focusing on Woodstock with David Cassidy (not that one) for Barbara Koppel.
As it turned out it came at an unexpected moment. I wasn't really "dressed", hair and all of that, so I wore a hat - the hat Jeordie my daughter sent from Arizona. It has become my new favorite and I'm just baiting you with an undressed Melanie in a hat so you'll have to watch, whenever that will be.
I know they did Steinbrenner in the same day as me. It must have been quite a shift for David and the crew to come to my house after Steinbrenner but all that won’t have much to do with scheduling.
It was a very long interview. Peter and Beau were watching me for five hours and at one point Peter started rubbing his face, making me think I had a schmutch - so if you see me rubbing my face furiously you'll know what happened.
I told them the story of my one woman musical "Seven Days". Everytime I tell it something new unfolds and is revealed to me. For me there is no better way to create than on the spot. I believe this show will have a lot of improvisation and spontaneity. Did I tell you the basic idea of Seven Days?
It's my life and me telling about the life of my friend Juliette from Michigan who couldn’t go to Woodstock but made it to the Gooselake Festival outside of Chicago. She was contacted by an angel or an intergalactic being and told she has seven days to save the planet. I tell our story and sing songs, hers and mine too as our lives weave in and out and parallel. She's as unlikely a candidate as you can imagine. About my age but frumpy - a dramatization of mid lifeness, suffering the disorientation of being dumped by her husband of 30 years and empty nest syndrome. She's juts signed up for ballroom dancing and needs a partner so I guess I'll dance with Juliette


  1. I can't wait to see and hear this play. Is Juliette going to save the world? I certainly hope so because I really love this blue planet and most of the people on it. And to see you dance with Juliette could be a dream come true.... who is leading ? ;)

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Wow, a 5 hour interview! It will be interesting to see what they use for the film.

    Your play sounds like a lot of fun, "break a leg". I'll try to be there for the opening. Will it be in New York (on or off Broadway) or, in some other city?

    Oh, by the way, it's great to be hearing from you like this. I always wondered why you didn't talk to us on line. Sure you wrote us once in a while on your site but, this is much nicer. I hope you will honor us by answering our questions. Please don't be afraid to talk WITH us. Are you afraid we might ask you stupid questions? We might but, we love you and want to know what makes you tick. We want to see you naked.(if you know what I mean)I'll show you mine if, you show me yours. LOL
    PS: Are you still following and promoting Amma?

  3. "I'm just baiting you with an undressed Melanie in a hat"

    Saucy girl.

    Seven days to save a planet? Overtime too?

  4. I am hoping this is not totally rude. I put my video for one of my songs at You Tube and am passing that along to Melanie, a great teacher as a gift of music returned. I realize that reads BS, but her music has meant a lot to me over the years of playing my own.

    That is a disturbing video and meant to be, so again, I am hoping this is not rude. I think it a message worth sharing.