Friday, April 3, 2009

Hurricane Nancy

I met up with an old friend Nancy Burton who worked under the names of Nancy Panzika Kalish and Hurricane Nancy.
Nancy is and was known and published in the sixties as the first female underground cartoonist. You know Art Crumb "Keep on Trucking" - in one line let me remind you or shed light if you were too young in the sixties or not there at all, it was very difficult for a woman to emerge in certain fields. Major radio only playlisted one woman an hour. You passed if you were in a male dominated group. It was the same or worse for a female cartoonist. Nancy never stopped drawing but life took a turn or two. Her website is
and we are all very excited about her new art. So check it out and maybe buy a little something. Great for a bathroom wall where one has time to contemplate. In a world where nothing is black and white it's comforting to know there is Nancy. Love Melanie


  1. I will definitely check out her stuff! So cool to see you here! A long way and time from Vally Forge Music Fair (Phila) isn't it?

  2. Just posted a memory of the second time that I saw you at Valley Forge 0n if you want a flash to those days....

  3. Thanks for posting this totally cool art!

  4. Hello from another Nancy Kalish.

    I get google alerts on my name and Hurricane Nancy popped up on an alert a few days ago. Then your blog came up today, about her work.

    So nice to hear about all you have accomplished!

    I was in your high school class.
    Nancy Kalish

  5. Hi Melanie, remember me from 1983? That policy never really worked, you know. Ever get tired of behaving like an aging hippie? Do you think that you will ever mature and act your way?