Monday, April 6, 2009

International Singer-Songwriters Hall of Fame

I recently launched the International Singer-Songwriters Hall of Fame (ISSHF). Here's the mission statement:

"Our mission is to unite and bring awareness of singer-songwriters all over the
world. It is now time for western consciousness to enter the world—
participate, regenerate, expand, and become part of the global musical community.
Music is the universal language connecting the invisible realities
of our human soul. Even the most simple song can bring profound inner
understanding of one’s self, and become a tangible thread from
one to another. Music has the ability to bridge, heal and save our planet.
The ISSHF will be a musical contribution to world wholeness and peace."

Love Melanie


  1. May this bear richly and generatively! Thanks for looking out for all of us!

    Something peaceful and meditative in exchange:

  2. Hi Melanie,
    I wish you all the best on this project. Are you going to build a building somewhere? With the world as your stage, it needs to be centrally located. Israel might be a good location. All the world looks for peace to come to Israel. Everybody is looking for for Jesus to bring the peace but Melanie shows up first! Wouldn't that be a hoot. LOL

    Anyways, I'll try to be serious. How much is this going to cost? (At least a couple of million, I would guess) Are you doing THAT good Melanie? That new bookkeeper must really be great. I Guess it will be ok to ask us for a donation if you fall a little short. I'm not a millionaire like you but, I can send you something.
    Love Jim

  3. Best Wishes with this endeavor. Your mission statement is sincere. . .as is your music.
    Always-a-fan, bOb

  4. Bless you young sister. I have been in love with you and your music for forty years now. May God expand you and bless your every endeavor.
    Love <°)}}><

  5. Alot of good reading here.... :), Great idea Melanie !

  6. We are going to run with this idea and make this happen, BET ON IT !!! >>> :)